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          Fleetwood/York Gasket & Seal is a quietly operating manufacturing facility that has called Fairfield home for over 25 years. Operating originally as York Gasket & Seal and acquired in 1999 by Fleetwood Industrial Products, their focus is fabricating gaskets for industrial applications.

So who uses gaskets made by

Fleetwood/York Gasket & Seal?

The answer includes plumbers,

refineries, paper mills, pharmaceutical

companies and those with refrigeration

requirements. Their customers include

both original equipment manufacturers and supply houses.

 The employee-owned company has a full gasket shop producing gaskets in materials ranging from paper to Teflon in all standard sizes with the capability of producing custom-sized gaskets for customers’ individual needs. Their products include both die cut and hand cut gaskets – many of the latter produced right here in the Fairfield facility. Also here in Fairfield is a large inventory of Pump Packing material and all standard size Spiral wound gaskets.

 Best wishes to Fleetwood/York Gasket & Seal for at least another 25 years of operating success in Fairfield!

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Fleetwood/York Gasket & Seal

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During the past several months our business blurbs have highlighted two service businesses – Fairfield Auto Service and Preferred HealthStaff – and one restaurant – The Fairfield Inn. This month features one of Fairfield’s manufacturing businesses – Fleetwood/York Gasket & Seal.

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