The Code of Ordinances is divided into chapters and is searchable by word or phrase. Click the link below.

Permit Applications


The Fairfield Planning Commission meets monthly, as required, on the second Monday of the month. Meetings are held in the conference room of the Village Hall building and commence at 7:00 PM. Plans for official consideration must be submitted no less than ten days before the meeting date.

Serving planning commission members are Dave Metz, Chairman; Frank Cool, member; Charles Jaster, member; Duane Sanders, member; Carroll Smith, member and Council liaison.​

The Fairfield Borough Fees Schedule is adopted by Resolution on an as-needed basis.  The last update was made in 2015. It is anticipated that a new Fees Schedule will be adopted in 2019.  You may contact the Borough Office at 717-642-5640 or [email protected] to verify current fees.

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Permits & Planning


Fairfield Borough is divided into five zoning districts, and each is governed by a separate section in the Code of Ordinances. Additionally, there are defined Airport Overlay and Flood Hazard districts.   New FEMA Flood Zone Maps to be released in 2018 will redefine the Flood Hazard District, and fewer properties will be subject to its restrictions. Click on the link below for the Borough's current Zoning Map

(717) 642-5640


Zoning and other permit applications can be obtained in person at the borough office located at 108 West Main Street in Fairfield, via phone - (717) 642-5640 - or email, or by downloading from this site. If you do not find the application you need, feel free to contact the Borough Secretary.